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It's 1940 in Hawaii. Barbara Kim is 8-years-old living in a friendly community of diverse cultures and ethnicities. She’s being raised by her widowed mother, a first-generation Korean immigrant who’s a hard-working, skillful dressmaker and successful businesswoman. At an early age, Barbara dreams of becoming a broadcaster, but life takes an unexpected twist when her mother falls ill. Barbara’s priorities change as she supports her ailing mother and pays for her mounting hospital bills. While Barbara makes a career change to be by her mother's side, a popular TV show needs to find a new host. The producer conducts months of auditions without finding the right replacement. He begins to lose hope until he makes an important discovery that leads him to Barbara Kim.

Special Thanks

AJ McWhorter | Carl Phillips | Chaminade University | Colleen “Tita” Murakami | Colleen “Tita” Murakami Hawaii’s Plantation Village | Danny Paz | Fabric Mart | Francis Holmberg | Gail Soma | Hilio Raquino Irene Matsuo | James Frizzell | Jane Shirafuji | Jean Okamoto | Jeffrey Higa | Joseph Ha | Joyce Ito Jun Kang | Kaimuki High School Drama Department | Kristin Lambert Bryant | Manoa Japanese Language School | Party Dress by Claudette | M.J. Matsushita | Nancy Byun Sulliban Norman Soma | Putt Putt Chang | Ryan Roberts | Sheridan Laundry | Shigeoka Family | Terry Nakaoka | Yamashiro Family

'Televi Digest' host inspires others

During the 1950s and '60s, variety shows hosted by Ed Sullivan, Lawrence Welk, Arthur Godfrey and others were among the most popular programs on television. During this time, "Televi Digest" was one of the longest-running and most popular shows in local television. The live, hourlong show produced by George Tanaka and directed by Clarence Chun was a fixture on Sunday afternoons for a decade on KONA, Channel 2 (now KHON).

Barbara Kim was the emcee-host for the show during most of its run, replacing the late Violet Niimi Oishi in 1956. During the series' run, Kim was known as Barbara Lee, a stage name the producer chose for broader appeal at the time. A generation grew up watching Kim at a time when there were few TV channels to choose from. ....Courtesy of Honolulu Star-Bulletin. POSTED: Sunday, November 01, 2009 (More)


KJ International Production

KJ International Production organized and produced the first Korean network TV (MBC) drama, A Man Called God (The Divine Hero) in Hawaii. KJ International Production manages foreign entertainers to perform concerts and film production. KJ International provide services in location selections, casting calls, equipment rentals and production crew management. KJ International is the only Hawaii based production team that handles stage, film and promotions all in one.